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Four-Year Guarantee

Student Pledge

Buffalo State students at Orientation

To participate in Buffalo State’s Roar in 4 program, I pledge to:

  • Successfully complete 15-18 credits each semester (fall and spring).
  • Follow the “roadmap” (curricular plan) for my major program and meet all departmental academic requirements.
  • Meet with assigned academic adviser regularly each semester, and register within 2 days of assigned registration.
  • Work with academic adviser to determine if graduation in four years is still the best path.
  • Utilize available academic support services on campus.
  • Meet regularly with professors to discuss performance in courses.
  • Pay tuition, fees, and orientation charges, and clear any holds on my account.


Buffalo State Pledge

Student Advisement

To ensure the four-year guarantee, Buffalo State pledges to:

  • Provide tools that allow students to monitor their degree programs.
  • Offer general education and major required courses regularly.
  • Provide academic advisers for students.
  • Accept appropriate AP & IB scores and prior college credit, obtained while students were in high school, from another post-secondary.
  • Publish major and graduation requirements in the College Catalog.
  • Notify students of upcoming registration dates and times.

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Bachelor's degrees consist of major and general education (Intellectual Foundations) requirements and electives.

If a major required course is not available during a student's fourth year of study, and all requirements have been met, students, after consultation with an adviser, are to submit a written request for accommodation to the chair of the major department if an independent study, course by contract, or course substitution is deemed necessary. Written requests for tuition waiver if options are not viable will be made to the Provost through the major department prior to the beginning of classes of the last term of the students' four-year plan.


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Note: All programs except dual-degree programs are eligible for the Roar in 4 guarantee!

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